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Rightroots: Skipping to Web 3.0

by Matthew Dybwad on Jan.29, 2009, under Posts

Can the right create its own netroots? – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine

Among the excellent points made in the article are a few that bear refining. Chief among them is that trying to replicate the Obama campaign will FAIL for the Right, because the Right is not Barrack Obama. Now that the message of “running the last successful campaign again won’t necessarily work” is finally sinking in, Republicans seem to want to run the last successful campaign of their opponents. Good luck.

The key, as pointed out by Beam, is to move onto the next thing, “Web 3.0″ as Karl Rove has said. My opinion is that the “next thing” is facilitating centralized coordination with decentralized activism, which is a whole series of posts for another time. However, that notion follows along the other of Beam’s critical points, which is that without an effort that bolsters the entire movement online, certain groups have the opportunity “mobilize online and hold the party hostage,” thereby splintering the GOP.

What we need to do as a movement is not only give the tools away that will facilitate group blogging, online activism, fostering community, etc, but make those tools all work together for everyone so that efforts are not duplicate and that the movement can prosper as a whole, in spite of all of its disparate parts. Yes, we need a common narrative, yes we need an army of bloggers, yes, we need inspiring candidates, but without an easy, distributed array of communication, coordination, and activism tools, what we have are thousands of interest groups reinventing the wheel over and over again.

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