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He’s pulling away, that’s when I heard, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’ At that moment, says he fixed his gaze on the officer to see if he was pulling a stun gun or a real gun.

Firearms are dangerous tools, but they can also be very fun outdoor recreational activity, or even a family event. Before ever touching any type of firearm click here and learn about the few cardinal rules which should be followed at all times. While there are a few “10 rules of firearm safety” posters and sayings or quips, most gun owners believe there are more than just 10. Here we have listed 15 rules, though some of them detail more than one specific thing to follow.

The following rules are generally in order of priority (highest to lowest), but they are all very important and should be followed at all times. Safe firearms handling techniques should be done consistently each and every time: being 99% safe is a recipe for tragedy when it comes to firearms.

Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

Assume that the firearm is always loaded.

Keep your finger off the trigger.

Always hand a firearm to someone unloaded.

Use the proper ammunition.

Wear ear and eye protection.

If your gun doesn’t fire when the trigger is pulled, be cautious.

Be sure the firearm’s barrel, chamber, and action are clear of obstruction before firing.

Maintain your firearm properly.

  • Maintenance is a big concern when owning a firearm. The older the firearm the more important it can become. In general, the firearm should be cleaned after each use. Some firearm manufacturers recommend the wearing of eye protection prior to field stripping the weapon. This may help prevent any eye injuries resulting from inadvertently “launching” springs or other components when field stripping the weapon.
  • Pistols should be, at minimum, “field stripped” (if possible), cleaned with a cloth and/or brush and solvent. The barrel should be brushed out with a barrel brush. There will likely be a lot of carbon and powder build up in the chamber, so a pick and more solvent can be used there. Once that is done, wipe again with a clean cloth (to remove all solvent). Each moving part should be lubricated with gun oil (except the firing pin of semi-auto pistols which can become gummed up with grime and carbon collected by the oil). The exterior of the barrel and the slide rail guides especially (on the slide and the frame) should also be lubricated. Using too much oil, though, may encourage powder and carbon buildup in those areas. Once done, wipe the externals down with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil and pull the slide back a few times to work some of the oil around.

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