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Liveblogging 08NTC: Nonprofit Search Engine Optimization

by Matthew Dybwad on Mar.21, 2008, under Posts

Designed by Mr. Kevin Lee Didit

SEO starts with actually being the best resource on your target keyword.

Once you have the relevant content, then you can focus on streamlining your site for being read by robots.

Google PageRank — named for Larry Page. (Bet you didn’t know that.) The toolbar tells you how important this page in relation to other pages like it.

Search engines do not index content in DHTML or AJAX elements. (at all?) (visibility vs. display?)

“Any time the user’s experience and the Spider’s experience diverge, it’s bad.”

Content: Use the inverted pyramid style for writing to get relevancy at the top of the page.

Search engines don’t follow pull down menus? (does that include Suckerfish, all CSS driven?) (need to compensate with sitemap to get the robots moving through all the pages on the site).

Links to your site from other sites that use your keyword are a (or the) primary determiner of page rank.

Reciprocal linking is not as heavily weighted as one way links. Benefit only goes from the linker to the linked.

…had to take off for the airport, I’ll try to find a more comprehensive post on this session or simply link to the presentation online as soon as I can…

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Liveblogging 08NTC: Building, Growing, and Sustaining a Vibrant Online Community – How to Reach Beyond Traditional Tools into the Web 2.0 Sphere

by Matthew Dybwad on Mar.21, 2008, under Posts

Beth Kanter

The Cute Dog Theory

  • Assess your community’s social activities (technographics)
  • Discuss and set objectives first (two-way discussion)
  • Transparency
  • Relationship building
  • Rewards (recognition)
  • Reciprocity (don’t’ see results immediately, need 1-2 hours a day investment)
  • Define your communities rules or guidelines (open as possible, but plan for the worst)
  • Start small, reiterate over and over, learn from your experiments


  • Flickr: techsoup is giving away professional accounts to non-profits.
    • Object based sharing community
    • Cohesive groups of people sharing photos common to their interests
    • Start with an individual profile
    • Setup a separate staging rental, then document organization events
    • Set org/group guidelines, copyright rules, etc up front

Compelling imagery works as basis for building online communities.


  • Social presence tool: what are you doing (what has your attention) right now.
  • personal networking tool
  • news resource
  • twitterpack (identify leaders in your sector)
  • Fundraising:
    • reaching out to networks to mobilize activists
    • “twitter rally” — requires social capital

Keith Morris aka Jade Lilly

Second Life
Basically an MMORPG minus the game and the rules.

  • Social Platform: chat, concerts, etc
  • Whole world is user generated content
  • Currency exchange: Lindens
  • Relay for Life (American Cancer Society Signature Fundraising Event) has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars utilizing Second Life to mimic offline fundraising techniques

Abby Sandlin of Charity Dynamics

Social networking allows you to identify activists through actual 2-way communication. Start by documenting your goals and expectations at the outset, then set aside resources to work toward that goal. Later you can then track your ROI.

What to measure for ROI?

  • Recency: timing, duration, consistency
  • Quantity: analytics, UGC points
  • Quality: tone and type of conversations
  • Response Rate:
  • Origination

Success metrics are trackable for social networking projects!

Details on tracking devices and notes from questions at:

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Liveblogging 08NTC: Now You Have a Lot of User Generated Content: Tracking and Using It?

by Matthew Dybwad on Mar.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

Designed by Mr. Sheldon Mains | Sheldon Mains Consulting

90% of online community lurks, 9% contribute, 1% contribute the most, according to Nielson.

UGC characteristics:

  • Many strikeouts
  • Few homeruns
  • Not much in between

Alpha User Generators:

  • Opinionated
  • Independent
  • Provocative
  • Disciplined
  • Specialized


  • Joy Towles Ezell
  • Tom Elko
  • Glenn McAnamana,
  • The_real_yaki, Craigslist
  • Ginny C., Care2 News Network

What do they want?

  • An audience
  • A free exchange of ideas (chaotic conversation based on provocative discourse)

“We like to wait for the community to self-manage because it keeps our group authentic.” The Nature Conservancy on it’s Flickr group.

UGC Strategy

  • Setup: Allow intake via multi-channels, have standards, offer help.
  • Intake: set your own categories and offer fixed and freeform tagging, as well as geo-spatial (and demo?) tagging.
  • Display: allow views based on organization generated models and also user generated models. Setup feeds to aggregate content to other outlets.

Twin Cities Daily Planet
Content aggregated from area bloggers, citizen journalists, etc. Mix of content that is pulled in and also commissioned. Open calendars can be updated by community. Users can comment on any story on the site.

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Liveblogging 08NTC: An Intimate Look at a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign

by Matthew Dybwad on Mar.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

Email Fundraising Principles:

Designed by Mr. Jeff Patrick | Common Knowledge

Email send
Sending in the middle of the week is safest. 12 noon is the best time, early morning can also be ideal. Late afternoon is not ideal. Reference your own site traffic to determine peak interest period.

Campaign Results

Withing 24 hours you are seeing 70% of your actions, 90% within 48 hours.

Typical Metrics

  • Open rate: 20% is great
  • Click rate:
  • Conversion rate: 1-2% phenominal, start at less than .5%
  • Average donation: $100 is top of the range
  • Churn rate: 20-30%/year

Jeff says there is value in seperating communication between activists and donors — that cross pollination can be bad as people only want to belong to one group.

In general, email donations average higher than the equivalent audience in direct mail.

Use yearly rate of opt-out to measure rates on individual emails to gauge progress and analyze numbers.

Women want more information to make the same decisions than men do. Women are more likely to read the totality of a piece of communication.

Call to action box on right side should have text link and graphical link to cover all bases in terms of filtering by email clients.

Email brand stays consistent across all email, but different types of communication should have subtle creative differences to provide visual cues for users.

Subject lines need to be representative of content. Interesting but unrepresentative subject lines don’t lead to as many conversions.

59% of email clients default to turning images off in email.

Have representative text elements that substitute for all graphical elements which may not be shown.

Hotspot: Text at the very top of the email. Text needs to encompass call to action and branding. Link goes to action page. Message gets across no matter the email client.

Do not link “click here.” Use actual text for your links. People scan the page for links, if linked text has no message, none gets conveyed. Buttons on the other hand already have a visual component so putting “click here” on it is ok. Button still needs context though in order to be effective.

Donation Form
Limit options whenever possible. Focus on the LCD for best completion rate. CVV2 unnecessary and possibly harmful (can increase dropout rate by 10-15% for the form). Carding is the only situation under which you might need the additional verification. Kintera and Convio already scan for this kind of behavior to limit issues and can initiate the CVV2 option on the backend automatically.

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